A brief report on Academic exposure trip to People’s Republic of China underTCIM
(Thailand-China-India-Myanmar) Academic and Cultural Exchange Programme of NEFIT.

North-Eastern Federation of International Trade (NEFIT) is a non-government Trade Organization and Nodal Trade Body of Exporters and Importers of North-East India established in 2002. NEFIT is recognized by the Union Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Govt. of India to issue “certificate of origin” as specified in the hand book of procedures for EXIM trade. It also provides content, direction and thrust to North-East India’s gradually expanding International trade especially with neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Myanmar and China (BCIM- countries).

Considering tremendous potentialities in the field of education and culture NEFIT has designed a programme under the Leadership of Dr. Buddhin Gogoi, Advisor, NEFIT. The programme is planned under the provision of India’s Act –East policy which is named as TCIM ( Thailand -China-India-Myanmar) academic and cultural programme. The programme has been submitted to the concern authorities of Yunnan province of P.R.C. They highly welcome the programme and expressed their willingness to initiate the programme.

Thailand China India Myanmar (TCIM) Academic and Cultural Exchange Programme
Concept Note and Proposal

North-Eastern Region of India has a glorious past. The region is an assimilating ground of various tribes who migrated from China, Myanmar and Thailand through different routes. The migrating people to the Region brought their unique culture and tradition and subsequently they developed new culture through assimilation. But they retain some of their tradition in the original forms. Therefore there are lot of similarities among the ethnic communities residing in the four nations- Thailand, China, India, and Myanmar.

The connectivity the North-Eastern Region of India suddenly became land-locked with the three neighbouring countries- China, Myanmar and Thailand as it got integrated to the Indian union in 1947. As a result socio-cultural linkage with their historical origin was greatly affected. Now Government of India has opened a new vista after 1990’s to develop de-novo linkage with the ASEAN and East Asian Nations by adopting a foreign policy called “Look East” which is renamed now as “Act East”. Gradually interest is growing among the Indian Intellectuals, Academicians and Economists to connect with ASEAN and East Asian Nations. Therefore we propose Academic and cultural exchange programmes among the four Nations with the following objectives.


» To establish historical linkage of the tribes residing in the four nations.
» To study on reflections of the communities about their past.
» Identification of migration routes as per historical records and to harness the reopening of the same
» To establish people to people organic linkage for sustainable socio-economic development in the region.
» To establish academic and cultural linkage and collaboration among the Institutions.
» To achieve the objectives mentioned above NEFIT will work as facilitating platform for Intellectuals, Academicians and Economists of the four Nations through the following programmes.

Academic and cultural exposure trips.

Student Exchange.

Faculty Exchange.

Cultural Exchange.

Establishment of academic institutions in partnership.

Under the TCIM academic and cultural exchange programme NEFIT has entrusted the responsibility to initiate and coordinate the same with reputed academic Institutions of Assam. Accordingly Dr. Gogoi has approached different academic Institutions. Finally Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Dibrugarh University, Margherita College, Tinsukia College, Tinsukia Commerce College, a delegate from Lakhimpur Commerce College and a social activist from Sivasagar firmed their participation. General Secretary of NEFIT has coordinated the entire programme with Chinese counterparts.

Participating organizations and their representative:

1. Assam Higher Secondary Education council: Dr. Dayananda Borgohain, Chairman, AHSEC represented the Council to study the technical and vocational education at senior secondary level in the Chinese system of education. Mention may be made that reformation of +2 level educations has been started in Assam under the leadership of Dr. Dayananda Borgohain.

2. Dibrugarh University: Prof. Ranjit Tamuli, Vice Chancellor represented Dibrugarh university as a part of implementing a resolution proposed by Dr. Buddhin Gogoi, Advisor NEFIT in the court meeting held on to study the possibilities for further cooperation with Baoshan and Kunming University of China in the areas of academic and cultural exchange under the act East policy of govt. of India. Earlier Dibrugarh University has formed a committee for looking after the implementation of the exchange programme with Chinese counterpart under the able leadership of Dr. Tamuli.

3. Margherita College: Dr. Buddhin Gogoi, Principal Margherita College, a nodal college of Tinsukia district and also advisor to NEFIT and designer of the TCIM- Academic and cultural exchange programme represented as coordinator of the team and to present the TCIM-ACEP in front of the concern authorities in China.

4. Tinsukia College: Mr. Rana Kumar Changmai, Principal, represented Tinsukia college, a leading college in the district, to study Chinese system of higher education in comparison with Indian higher education as a whole.

5. Tinsukia Commerce college: Dr. Chaitanya Bora, Principal, represented Tinsukia commerce college to study Chinese higher education with special reference to the trade and commerce.

6. Lakhimpur commerce college: Dr. Sangeeta Borthakur Tamuli, assoc. professor represented Lakhimpur Commerce College to study growing Chinese economy and its socio-cultural impact.

7. Bhabendra Nath Mohan, an social activist, Documentary maker and entrepreneur from Sivasagar, participated as Indian delegate to study the socio-economic and political system of People’ Republic of China.

8. Mr. Mrinal Hatkhowa represented NEFIT as the International Coordinator of the programme.

From July 6 to July 14, 2019 the eight member Indian delegation under the aegis of NEFIT has successfully completed weeklong visit to various academic and other institutions of Yunnan province of P.R.C. Most remarkable one is the visit to Baoshan University. In a tripartite talk in the Baoshan University, apart from Baoshan university authorities and Indian delegation, Delegates from Baoshan municipality also participated during the conversation. Mr. Mrinal Hatkhowa initiated the discussion the aims and objectives of NEFIT. He apprised participating delegates that for last 15 years NEFIT has been trying to established linkage in trade and commerce with ASEAN and North -Eastern region of India. Now NEFIT would like to establish new connectivity with P.R.C. under India’s new act east foreign policy. He said not only in the trade, commerce and tourism NEFIT would like to work with Yunnan Province of P.R. China in academic and cultural exchange programme also. He requested Dr. Buddhin Gogoi, Adviser, NEFIT to present the ambitious TCIM-ACE programme. Dr. Gogoi presented the concept in detail through PPT and the house discussed it with zeal and enthusiasm and in principle accepted the proposal. Dr. D. Borgohain presented a paper in PPT on the higher secondary education in Assam in detail and expressed his willingness to go for cooperation with educational institutes of Yunnan Province of P.R China for reformation in senior secondary education in Assam with special reference to the vocationalizatin. Prof Tamuli presented a paper in PPT on Dibrugarh University. He expressed his willingness to go for further cooperation with Baoshan University in certain areas of common interest. He accepted the proposal of NEFIT in principle to open a “centre for Chinese studies” at Dibrugarh University subject to the approval of Executive council and Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India in near future. The Baoshan university authority also accepted the proposal of NEFIT to open a centre for Indian studies. Both the universities agreed in principle to go further cooperation in this regard after working out the details. Initially Chinese language and culture will be taught in Dibrugarh University and English and Indian traditional culture will be taught in the centre for Indian Studies in B.U. gradually the activities of the centers will be diversified. It was decided in the talk that within two months the basic correspondence through Email will have to be completed for further cooperation. Mr. Rana Kumar Changmai and Dr. Chtaitanya Bora jointly presented a paper on Indian Higher education with special reference Assam. Mr. Bhabendra Nath Mohan has shown his prize winning documentary on muga silk industry of Assam. Thus the tripartite talk with Baoshan University was a grand success. The delegates also visited Baoshan Technology College, Baoshan Chinese Medicine College and interacted with the authorities of the Institutions. Delegates after seeing those model institutions highly convinced that such institutions may fulfilled the emerging needs of our country if we can established.

The delegates also visited Asia’s longest highest suspension Longjiang grand Bridge, Heshun ancient town, WWII war museum, visited Rui’li, Sino-Myanmar land port trading near Jiegao Town and popular city of tourist- Mangshi.

Most remarkable visit of the Indian delegation is the visit to Kunming University. In K.U. also Dr. Buddhin Gogoi presented the TCIM-ACE programme. The Kunming university authority highly welcomes the proposal and committed to take up the matter with Govt. machinery. K.U. also accepted the proposal to open up centre for Indian studies like Baoshan University and like to go for further cooperation with Dibrugarh and other universities of North- Eastern Region of India in the areas of common interest and friendship.

The Indian Delegation came back to India with great satisfactions and offers deep sense of gratitude to NEFIT for offering such an opportunities in academic exposure trip to China under TCIM-ACE programme and awaits successful implementation of the resolution adopted in the dialogue. Hope the Baoshan and Kunming declaration will open up new vistas for improving academic and cultural relations between India and China in particular and TCIM in general.

Conclusion Remark by NEFIT

We on behalf of NEFIT offer our deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Dayananda Borgohain, Chairman, Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC), Prof Ranjit Tamuli, Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University for their valuable participation in the mission. We also offer our thankfulness to all the delegates for their participation and cooperation in the entire process of the trip. We do also offer our thankfulness to Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU) for Support us to making the event a grand success. We offer our thankfulness to Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. Of India, Govt. of Assam, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in New Delhi, Foreign Affairs Office of Baoshan Municipality, Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province of P.R. China, Baoshan University and Kunming University for their necessary support to making the mission a grand success.

(Dr. Buddhin Gogoi)
Co-coordinator of the team
Principal: Margherita College
Advisor: NEFIT
(Mrinal Hatkhowa)
International Coordinator of the programme
General Secretary, NEFIT



Memorandum of Understanding Signed at Bangkok, Thailand on 1st of June, 2016



(A Tri-Nation car expedition for Mapping Connectivity, Promotion of Trade & Investment,
Tourism & Sports and, to re- establish Cultural & Historical Linkages)

Organized by
NEFIT in association with Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries (UMFCCI) of Myanmar,
Federation of Thai Industries Bangkok, Thailand

Supported by
Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India and Department of Tourism, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, India.

From: May 22 – 09 June, 2016



Global analysts have predicted that more co-operations amongst India, China and Southeast Asian nations will bring about a rapid economic growth affecting positive changes in the standard of living of the people of these nations. If such a development takes place, together they will be able to place themselves as a formidable economic block. This requires a sincere regional cooperation among these nations in all aspects like policy, economic and cultural development. The key objective of regional co-operation in trade is to achieve more rapid growth through improvement in network and connectivity through road and transport communication and logistic infrastructure. Regional co-operation amongst these geographically contiguous countries is expected to facilitate trade relation by fruitfully mobilizing local resources and fully utilizing them. However, the moot issue is to travel smooth and safe, trouble-free transport of goods, hassle free visa and travel documents and other facilities.

With a view to addressing these issues, North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT), a regional trade body of Exporters and Importers of NE India with its registered head office at Shillong in Meghalaya was established on February 07, 2002. NEFIT is recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, and also an authorized agency that can issue “Certificate of Origin”, as specified in the Handbook of procedures for Exim trade. Since its inception, NEFIT has been relentlessly working in the North East region of the country to facilitate International Trade with neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Thailand. The organization has been part of many advisory committees which had been set up by various Government agencies with regards to formulation of Trade and Industrial Policies for the North Eastern states. It has been instrumental in earning revenues for the country’s coffers in terms of Foreign Exchange through International Trade. Apart from that the members of the organization have also actively participated in establishing good bilateral relationship with neighbouring countries through various engagements with Trade Associations of those countries. As such the organization has earned a good working relationship with ‘Bangladesh Enterprise Institute’ Dhaka, headed by Ex-Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh Mr. Farooq Sobhan. Till date, NEFIT has been successful in signing a number of MOUs with different Chambers of Commerce like:

1. Chittagong Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Bangladesh (CCCI)
2. Dhaka Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Bangladesh (DCCI)
3. Sylhet Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Bangladesh (SCCI)
4. Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Myanmar (UMFCCI)
5. Proposed to sign MoU with Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

NEFIT is also actively involved in promoting trade relations between North East India with Myanmar, Thailand as well as other South East Asian nations as a part of fulfilling India’s Look/Act East policy. In this connection, NEFIT has been pushing for increase in quantum of overland trade with Myanmar and the other ASEAN countries which is expected to give a big boost to trading activities in North Eastern region thus cutting down the price of the commodities and making it more competitive in the International market. At this back drop, NEFIT thus, proposes to organize the “India – Myanmar – Thailand Friendship Car Rally” expedition tour on the Asian Highway No. 1 & 2 (AH-1 & AH-2) and the Tri-lateral Highways that connect Guwahati in North East India to Bangkok in Thailand through Myanmar. This is a kind of confidence building measure that will open up a new dimension of overland trading and dispel many doubts of prospective traders. The follow-up action of the Look East policy of the Government of India is creating a bright economic prospect of overland trade of commodities of North East India with South East Asian countries through the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway and Asian Highway’s 1 & 2 since the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has already come in to effect on 1st January, 2016, which has made the ASEAN boundaries literally adjacent to India. Earlier, NEFIT had successfully organised the 1st Indo-Myanmar Friendship car rally during March 10 – 22, 2012 from Guwahati to Yangon in Myanmar making a round trip of about 5000kms in which about 68 participants from all walks of life and 17 nos. of vehicle participated.

Moving along with the India’s Look East policy, it will be our endeavour to break the mental and psychological barrier towards North East India and to make it a part of International trade by land connectivity via Indo-Myanmar Corridor linking South East Asia and East Asia with the West Asia. This is the prime reason of organizing the India - Myanmar – Thailand Friendship Car Rally. Besides, the car rally would also highlights the year long celebrations as it coincides with 25 years of the India –ASEAN relationship.

This is also a serious attempt to explore road transport by ferrying businessmen, traders, economists and government officials of the participating countries to practical study of physical connectivity by road, transport and transit facilities, border management, soft infrastructures, land customs stations, banking facilities, border management, immigration checkpoints and other facilities in view of the emergence of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) since 1st of January, 2016. Besides, the expedition and the visit is expected to provide participants with opportunities for networking, exploring new business prospects and establishing specific business relationships with Myanmar and Thai companies.




The broad objectives of the event are:

» To promote direct physical connectivity by road, rail and air between North East India, Myanmar and Thailand for more Trans border Trade and investments.
» To promote and harness true Trade potential of India through the North East with ASEAN countries and to explore new market for produce and products of India.
» To promote More bilateral relations in the spirit of friendship and understanding between India, Myanmar and Thailand
» To promote Northeast India, Myanmar and Thailand as the land corridor and gateway to Southeast Asia and the Far East.
» To re-establish and strengthen the age-old historical linkages, culture and linguistic affinities of the people of the regions
» To promote the ‘Look East’ policy of the Government of India in the perspective of linking NE India with Southeast Asian countries
» To Promote opening of more Border Trade points between North east India, Myanmar and Thailand.
» To Promote the advantages of setting up Industrial ventures in the North East with regard to its unique geo-political location and incentives offered by various state governments of North East India.
» To Promote North East India as a clean, green and an eco-friendly tourist destination for high-end as well as budget travellers, and
» To promote North East India, Myanmar and Thailand as Adventure Sports destinations.


» Map showing the tentative car rally routes originating from Itanagar in India to Bangkok in Thailand via Myanmar and back (round trip)
» Place of Origin: Itanagar (India)
» Place of Final Destination: Bangkok (Thailand) and return, ending in Guwahati (India)
» Proposed dates: From May 22 – 09 June, 2016
» Approximate distance to cover: 7000 Kms round trip
» Number of Days/Nights : 19 days & nights


Date Time Programme
DAY – 0 : INDIA -------------- OPENING CEREMONY
21/05/2016, Saturday 9:00 AM Documentation and other formalities
3:00 PM Handing over of Cars & Final briefing
5:00 PM Press Meet
6:00 PM Curtain Raiser followed by Cultural program and Dinner
Chief guest: H.E Shri JP Rajkhowa, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.
ITANAGAR, INDIA (Night Halt – 00)
DAY – 01 : INDIA -------------- FLAG OFF
22/05/2016, Sunday 7:00 AM Flag-off from Itanagar by Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh
12:00 PM Lunch at Kaziranga National Park (KNP), Assam
4:30 PM Flag off from Dimapur by Mr. Amenba Yaden, Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Commerce, Govt. of Nagaland.
6:30 PM Arrival at Kohima – Dinner & rest
Distance to cover: 457 KM’s
KOHIMA, INDIA (Night Halt – 01)
23/05/2016, Monday 6:00 AM Break fast
7:00 AM Flag off from Kohima by Shri T.R. Zeliang, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland
11:00 AM Tea Break at Imphal
11:30 AM Flag Off from Imphal by Shri Govindas Konthoujam , Hon’ble Minister of Industry & Commerce, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal
2:30 PM Immigration check and border crossing at Moreh/ Tamu
3:30 PM Lunch at Tamu
6:30 PM Arrival at Kalemiyo (Myanmar) & rest
Distance to cover: 377 KM’s
KALEMIYO, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 02) Hotel : Hotel Majesty, Kalemiyo
24/05/2016, Tuesday 6:00 AM Breakfast
7:00 AM Flag off from Kalemiyo
1:00 PM Lunch at Monywa
4:00 PM Arrival at Mandalay
5:30 PM B2B session with Business Delegates & Traders
7:00 PM Dinner with C.M / Ministers & officials of Mandalay Division
Distance to cover: 370 KM’s
MANDALAY, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 03) Hotel: Hotel Wilson, Mandalay
25/05/2016, Wednesday 6:00 AM Break-fast
7:00 AM Sightseeing at Mandalay
10:00 AM Flag off from Mandalay by CM/CGI*
12:30 PM Arrival at Meiktila & Lunch
1:00 PM Departure Meiktila
5:00 PM Arrival at Taunggyi
7:00 PM Dinner & rest
Distance to cover: 342 KM’s
TAUNGGYI, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 04) Hotel: Aye Thar Golf resort, Taunggyi
26/05/2016, Thursday 5:00 AM Breakfast
6:00 AM Flag off from Taunggyi by C.M of Shan State and other Govt. officials
8:30 AM Tea break at Namsang or Nansang
12:00 PM Lunch at Kunhing
5:00 PM Arrival at Keng Tung (Kaying Tong)
6:30 PM Dinner & rest
Distance to cover: 421 KM’s
KENG TUNG, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 05) Hotel : Amazing Keng tung hotel, Keng tung
27/05/2016, Friday 6:00 AM Breakfast
7:00 AM Flag-off from Keng Tung, Myanmar
11:00 AM Arrival at Tachileik (Myanmar) & International border Crossing to Mae Sai in Thailand
12:00 PM Arrival at Mae Sai, Thailand for Reception and halt for lunch
2:30 PM Arrival at Chiang Rai
5:30 PM Arrival at Chiang Mai
7:00 PM Official dinner & rest
Distance to cover: 408 KM’s
CHIANG MAI, THAILAND (Night Halt – 06) Hotel: Imperial Mae Ping hotel, Chiang Mai
28/05/2015, Saturday 7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Visit to Royal Flora Park at Ratchaphruek & City tour
12:00 PM Lunch
4:30 – 6:00 PM Business/ Interactive sessions with Traders & Logistic companies & Signing of MoU with Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce, Chiang Mai.
6:00 – 7:30 PM Gala dinner with Provincial Governor/Ministers/ Consulate General of India & officials, Chiang Mai & Officials from Chiang Mai Chambers of Commerce and Federation of Thai Industries, Chiang Mai Chapter.
Intermediate Distance to cover: 50 KM’s
CHIANG MAI, THAILAND (Night Halt – 07) Hotel: Imperial Mae Ping hotel, Chiang Mai
29/05/2016, Sunday 6:00 AM Breakfast
7:00 AM Flag off from Chiang Mai by Governor/CGI*. Proceed via Lamphun, Lampang and Sukhothai
11:00 AM Lunch on the way
1:30 PM Arrival at Sukhothai and visit historical site
4:00 PM Arrival at Phitsanulok (Logistic hub of Thailand)
6:00 PM Interactive session with local Businessmen and Logistic groups
7:00 PM Dinner & rest
Distance to cover: 396 KM’s
PHITSANULOK, THAILAND (Night Halt – 08) Hotel: Top Land hotel, Phitsanulok
30/05/2016, Monday 7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Flag off from Phitsanulok by Provincial Head of Govt.
11:00 AM Lunch on the way at Nakhon Sawan
3:30 PM Arrival at Bangkok, Thailand followed by Reception & Dinner
Distance to cover: 397 KM’s
BANGKOK, THAILAND (Night Halt – 09) Hotel: Arnoma Grand hotel, Bangkok
31/05/2016, Tuesday 7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Guided city tour of Bangkok & Pattaya by Bus Coaches
  » Time out & rest
  » All vehicle check-up
Intermediate Distance to cover: 60 KM’s
BANGKOK, THAILAND (Night Halt – 10) Hotel: Arnoma Grand hotel, Bangkok
01/06/2016, Wednesday 8:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 PM Lunch
5:30 PM Open Session: Business Interactive Session/ B2B Business session followed by Gala dinner
Intermediate Distance to cover: 50 KM’s
BANGKOK, THAILAND (Night Halt – 11) Hotel: Arnoma Grand hotel, Bangkok
02/06/2016, Thursday 7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Flag off Bangkok by Minister of Thai Govt. / Ambassador of India in Thailand.
12:30 PM Lunch at Nakhon Sawan
4:30 PM Arrival at Mae Sot
6:00 PM Interactive Sessions with Traders & Logistic Companies, Customs and other Govt. officials followed by farewell dinner.
Distance to cover: 501 KM’s
MAE SOT, THAILAND (Night Halt – 12) Hotel: Centara hill resort, Mae Soto
03/06/2016, Friday 5:00 AM Breakfast
6:00 AM Flag off from Mae Sot & International Border Crossing to Myawaddy in Myanmar
7:00 AM Start off Myawaddy
12:00 PM Lunch at Hpa-An
6:00 PM Arrival at Yangon
7:00 PM Official dinner with Indian embassy Officials and also UMFCCI, Yangon
Distance to cover: 527 KM’s
YANGON, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 13) Hotel : Royal Pavilion, Yangon
04/06/2016, Saturday 7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Visit to India Embassy & Sightseeing in and around Yangon city
11:00 AM Flag off Yangon by CM/Mayor of Yangon/Ambassador of India*
5:00 PM Arrival at Naypyitaw
6:00 PM Dinner with Govt. officials & rest
Distance to cover: 380 KM’s
NAYPYITAW, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 14) Hotel: NPT Hein hotel, Naypyitaw
05/06/2016, Sunday 7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Sightseeing in and around Naypyitaw city / meeting Ministers & other govt. officials
11:00 AM Flag off from Naypyitaw
1:00 PM Lunch on the way
5:00 PM Arrival at Bagan
6:00 PM Dinner & rest
Distance to cover: 252 KM’s
BAGAN, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 15) Hotel: Arthawka hotel, Bagan
06/06/2016, Monday 7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Sightseeing around Bagan
12:00 PM Lunch break
1:30 PM Flag off Bagan
4:30 PM Arrival at Monywa
7:00 PM Dinner & rest
Distance to cover: 225 KM’s
MONYWA, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 16) Hotel : Win Unity hotel, Monywa
07/06/2016, Tuesday 6:00 AM Breakfast
7:00 AM Flag off from Monywa
1:00 PM Lunch on the way
4:00 PM Arrival at Tamu
6:00 PM Meeting Customs Officials & Border Trade Officials & Traders followed by Last Farewell Dinner in Myanmar & rest
Distance to cover: 360 KM’s
TAMU, MYANMAR (Night Halt – 17) - Not specified
08/06/2016, Wednesday 5:30 AM Breakfast
6:00 AM Flag off & International border crossing
7:00 AM Arrival at Moreh in India
9:30 AM Arrival at Imphal, the state capital of Manipur
10:00 AM Flag off from Imphal
1:00 PM Arrival at Kohima, state capital of Nagaland & Lunch
2:30 PM Flag off from Kohima
5:00 PM Arrival at Dimapur, Nagaland and rest
Distance to cover: 293 KM’s
DIMAPUR, INDIA (Night Halt – 18) Hotel : Acacia hotel, Dimapur
DAY – 19 : INDIA
09/06/2016, Thursday 6:00 AM Breakfast
7:00 AM Flag off from Dimapur, Nagaland
10:00 AM Arrival at Nowgaon
12:30 PM Arrival at Guwahati & lunch
2:00 PM Rest
5:00 PM Flag down by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam (The Hon’ble CM is represented by Shri Chandra Mohan Patowary, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister of Industry & Commerce and Transport) at Vivanta by Taj, Guwahati, India
6:30 PM Press conference followed by dinner
8:00 PM Farewells and Adieu
Distance to cover (including intermediate): 313 KM’s


» Opening Ceremony/Curtain Raiser is held at the state Banquet Hall, Itanagar.
» Flag off from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh (INDIA)
» Flag down ceremony is held in Guwahati at Hotel Vivanta by Taj, Assam (INDIA).
» Programme for Business Sessions and B2B Sessions are shown separately.

Working President, NEFIT
Vice Chairman & Chief of Protocol, OC-IMTFCR


A program under National Quality Campaign in collaboration with North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT)

(ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems)
Date: 27th April, 2016
Imphal, Manipur

(ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems)

Date: 29th April, 2016
Shillong, Meghalaya


National Board for Quality Promotion
(A constituent board of Quality Council of India)
2nd Floor, Institution of Engineers Building
2, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi- 110002

One-day Training Program on “Practical Risk Assessment as per ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)”
ISO 9001 Program Structure, Imphal

Exploring the BCIM Overland connectivity from India to China

For the first time two group of Delegation from the North East region of India will be travelling together to China by the land route via Myanmar. The delegation will leave India through the Moreh - Tamu (Indo-Myanmar) border point in Manipur and enter China through the Muse - Rulii (Sino-Myanmar) border point and travel to Baoshan Prefecture in the Yunnan Province. The Delegation will explore connectivity of BCIM land corridor, trade, business, investment and joint venture initiatives with their counter parts in Baoshan and will meet businessmen and government officials of the Baoshan Prefacture. This initiative will be supported by the Municipal Government of Baoshan and is a part of the ongoing co-operation between the cities of Guwahati and Baoshan.

After Baoshan one group of delegates led by Mr. M Chandrakeshor Singh, Vice-President of NEFIT will further travel to Chengdu in the Sichuan Province to attend the 2nd BCIM 2015 Economic Corridor (Chengdu) Development Forum. The theme of the forum for the year 2015 will be "Strengthen the co-operation of Intercity Economy and Trade, Promote the Prosperity of the BCIM Economic Corridor". The other group led by Mr. Mrinal Hatkhowa, General Secretary of NEFIT will travel to Kunming via the picturesque city of Dali and meet business groups to further enhance the trade, investment and connectivity between North East India and the Yunnan Province of China.

Day 1
(18th Nov)
Enter Myanmar through Moreh/Tamu (India-Myanmar) border. From Tamu to Kalemyo by bus. Take a flight from Kalemyo to Mandalay in the evening. Night stay at Mandalay.
Day 2
(19th Nov)
Mandalay to Muse (Myanmar border with China) by bus. Night stay at Muse.
Day 3
(20th Nov)
Enter China through Ruili (China border with Myanmar) and proceed to Baoshan.
Day 4
(21st Nov)
Meeting with the trade bodies of Baoshan in the morning. After lunch visit to industrial zones located in the Baoshan municipal.  Baoshan initiative ends here. The delegates of the Baoshan initiative may return back or visit other interesting places if they wish with their own expenses.
Day 5
(22nd Nov)
The delegates for 2BCIM further proceeds to Kunming by bus on the 5th day (22nd Nov) Night stay at Kunming.
Day 6
(23rd Nov)
Depart from Kunming by train to Chengdu where 2BCIM corridor development forum meeting will be held from 24th Nov.
Day 7
(25th Nov)
Visit to industrial sites in the morning. Evening all the delegates leaves Chengdu.

For Further Information Please Contact
1. Mr. M Chandrakesor Singh, (Vice-President NEFIT)
Tel: +91 8974715100
Email: chingsook@gmail.com

2. Mr. Mrinal Hatkhowa, (General Secretary NEFIT)
Tel : +91 9854079997
Email: mrinalhatkhowa@gmail.com


2015 Flower Fair (Dragon Boat Festival) & South Asian Friendship Exhibition

The Flower Fair (Dragon Boat Festival) & South Asian Friendship Exhibition" held in Baoshan City of the Yunnan Province of People's Republic of China is an annual event of trade and cultural extravaganza which which attracts more than a million visitors from all over Chian. The Flower Fair of Baoshan has a history of 130 years and in the recent years has been combined with an International Trade Fair and local cultural celebration on the Ancient Southern Silk Road. The main exhibits of the Flower Fair & South Asian Friendship Exhibition are - Textile & Garments, Hardware, Agro & Horticulture Products, Machineries, Household Appliances, Food & Beverages, Herbs, Flowers, Jewelleries, etc. In 2014 the total gross trade volume of the Flower Festival was 80 million Yuan (USD 13 million) and the footfall was more than 1.3 million.

In 2015 the Flower Fair (Dragon Boat Festival) & South Asian Friendship Exhibition will be held in the newly built Baoshan Maohua Yiwu International Trade City which has a massive infrastructure created especially for International Trade and Logistics and is one of the biggest trading infrastructure created in the Yunnan Province of P. R. China. Baoshan Maohua Yiwu International Trade City, has a total construction area of 2.6 million square meters, including the main market 5,00, 000 square meters, supporting commercial area of 8,00,000 square meters. With a total investment of 10 billion yuan, the project is a commercial carrier, the largest gathering of most commodities and logistics platform in Baoshan Municipality, connecting China to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The "2015 Flower Fair (Dragon Boat Festival) & South Asian Friendship Exhibition" will be held from 19 to 23 June 2015 and for sales it will continue for almost 1 month.


Baoshan is located in the western part of the Yunnan Province of China close to the Myanmar border. It is the gateway of China’s opening up to South Asia in general and India in particular. Baoshan is the first major city of China on the Old Stillwell Road from Ledo(INDIA) to Kunming(CHINA) which in the ancient times was also known as the Southern Silk Route. This unique geographical location has made Baoshan an important traffic hub connecting the eight counties and prefectures of western Yunnan, and a key point on the over land trade corridor to India via Myanmar. Baoshan has been designated by the Yunnan Provincial Government to be the centre of the border economic zone of western Yunnan for trade with South Asian and ASEAN Nations.

In terms of bird-fly distance Boashan is the closest Chinese city to the North East India and the road distance between Houqiau Port in Baoshan and Ledo in Assam is just 602 km. The economic growth potential of Baoshan is very similar to the city of Guwahati in Assam. Both these cities are well connected by road and air, has good infrastructure, emerging industrial parks, skilled human resources and a good environment for business. A proposal for establishing sister city relationship between Baoshan and Guwahati is on the anvil.


Two things stands out for Baoshan - One its geographical location which makes it the first major city if one travels from India to China by road, and this will become a reality in two to five years time. And second the massive trade infrastructure that has come up in Baoshan in form of the 'Baoshan Maohua Yiwu International Trade City'

China has a big market and its massive population keeps up the demand especially in the food sector, where Agro-Horti and meat products from North East can get a big market. Even Assam CTC tea has a good potential of making a breakthrough in the Chinese market through Baoshan.
As food is mostly perishable commodity, North East India has an in-built advantage of being in the close proximity to the Chinese border. Refrigerated van plying through the land route via Myanmar can deliver food items to China in the shortest possible time.
There is a big demand for raw cotton and cotton yarn in the Yunnan Province itself which the exporters of North East India can take advantage by procuring cotton from mainland India and exporting it to China from Borth East through the land route.
Indian art and handicraft items are in great demand in China. North East India has a big verity of handicraft items which can be exported to China. Handloom products from North East India can also tap the market in China provided they categorise themselves as work of art and not just plain fabric.
The 'Baoshan Maohua Yiwu International Trade City' has a very interesting concept - "We buy from the world and we sell to the world". This means that exporters from North East can store their products in the trade city and market their products through the massive in-house e-commerce network of the trade city which delivers their inventory all over China and are in the process of expanding their network to the ASEAN nations. The exporter or entrepreneur from North East India doesn't have to go all over the world in search of a market for his or her product, he or she can now tap the commercial network of the International Trade City in Baoshan.
China and especially Baoshan has a big demand for professionals who can speak good English especially in the hospitality and education sector and North East India is a treasure trove of people who can speak good English. Starting from student and teacher exchange programs to working in the hospitality and the education sector in China, North East India has a opportunity lying ahead.

Apart from International Trade there is another important thing that North East India can tap in Baoshan - Investment. Many Chinese businessmen in Baoshan are ready to invest in Assam through joint venture initiatives provided they get a good project and reliable partner in Assam. The sectors of potential investments can range from agriculture, energy, automobiles, construction, plastic manufacturing and many more.

NEFIT will organise buyer -seller meets during the Trade Fair and also bring into contact potential investors with whom the members of the delegation can interact on a one to one basis. Opening up of trade with China through the land route can be a game-changer for the the economy od Assam and North East India.

Itinerary of Baoshan & Kunming

17 June 2015 Fly from Guwahati to Kolkata in the evening.
18 June 2015 Midnight - Fly from Kolkata to Kunming - Corresponding morning flight from Kunming to Baoshan.  
19 June 2015 Inauguration of "2015 Flower Fair (Dragon Boat Festival) & South Asian Friendship Exhibition" at Baoshan  
20 June 2015 Trade Fair and Business meetings at Baoshan - City Trip.
21 June 2015 Trade Fair and visits to Factories and Industrial Parks in Baoshan
22 June 2015 Day Trip to Tengchong County and Houqiao Port on the Stillwell Road at the Sino-Myanmar Border (subjected to permission from Govt. of P.R. China) also Night stay at Tengchong County.  
23 June 2015 Fly from Tengchong to Kunming - Stay at Kunming
24 June 2015 Business meetings and shopping at Kunming - Midnight flight from Kunming to Kolkata.  
25 June 2015 Early Morning Flight from Kolkata to Guwahati.


1. 2015 Flower Fair Invitation letter to the Participants
2. Download 2015 Flower Fair Participation Form

Chiang Mai Flower Festivals

Mr. Bijoy Phangcho, Working President, NEFIT and Mr. Mrinal Hatkhowa, General Secretary, NEFIT along with Assam state Govt. officials from the Directorate of Agri – Horticulture department visited Thailand from 31/01/2013 to 5/02/2013. The exposure and study team visited Chiang Mai, the Northern city of Thailand and attended the Chiang Mai Flower Festivals from 1-3 February, 2013.

During the visit we interacted with the officials of Agriculture department of Chiang Mai province and held a special interactive session with the members of Chiang Mai Chambers of Commerce. We had exchanged views and mutually agreed to continue with the process of signing MoU between Chiang Mai Chambers of Commerce and the North East Federation on International Trade of India in the immediate future. In Bangkok, we had the opportunity to visit Fruit packaging House at Swift Company limited and had a threadbare discussion how a shared cooperation can be achieved by enhancing trade and investment between ourselves. The visit to Talaad Thai, the largest whole sale market for agricultural produce in Thailand was an experience in itself. Later, on 5th February, 2013, the visit was culminated in a talk had with the officials of Indian Embassy at Bangkok and discussed a wide range of issues relating to trade and investment.


Indo-Myanmar Friendship Car Rally - A Brief Report


The Indo-Myanmar Friendship Car Rally, 2012 from Guwahati Yangon (Myanmar) Guwahati, was jointly organized by North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT), a nodal trade body of Exporters and Importers of North-East India and Assam Speed and Adventure Club (ASAC), with the support from:

• Ministry of External Affairs and Home Affairs, Government of India
• Government of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur
• Government of Myanmar
• Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (UMFCCI), and
• Bright View Travels & Tours Co. Ltd., Myanmar


The Indo-Myanmar Friendship Car Rally is the first international car rally event between India and Myanmar, covering a total distance of nearly 4000 km's, spread over a period of 12 (twelve) days. The car rally started off on March 11, 2012 from Guwahati (via Dimapur, Kohima), Imphal, Moreh, Tamu, Kalemiyo, Monywa, Mandalay, Naypyitaw, Yangon, Piyay, Bagan and ended in Guwahati on the evening of March 22, 2012.

Over 60 participants from India and 4 participants from Myanmar had participated in the car rally with 17+ vehicles. The participants were from a diverse background, including Government Officials, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Adventure Sports, Motor Sports, Media, Educationists, Artist, Lawyers and Consultants. The car rally has covered some of the most remote and spectacular places of North-East India and that of Myanmar.

The sequence of events of the Indo-Myanmar Friendship Car Rally, are in reverse chronological order:

Day 1 / March 10, 2012 / Guwahati: The Indo-Myanmar Friendship Car Rally was ceremonially flagged off by Mr. Pradyut Bordoloi, Minister for Industries & Commerce, Power and Public Enterprises, Government of Assam, in the presence of a large gathering at the Landmark Hotel in Guwahati. There was also an orientation programme for the rally drivers, press meet and interactive session followed by high-tea.

Day 2 / March 11, 2012 / Guwahati (via Dimapur, Kohima) to Imphal: The car rally started off from Guwahati in the early morning hours in a convoy of around 10 vehicles from the NRL Petrol Pump at Zoo Road. The rallyist reached Dimapur in the afternoon and had lunch with members of Nagaland Motor Sports, proceeding in their journey and passing through Kohima, Mao Gate, etc, before reaching Imphal in the evening.

Day 3 / March 12, 2012 / Imphal: The car rallyist utilized the first half of the day in servicing and checking their vehicles for the long road ahead and in the second half conducted a road-show through the streets of Imphal to promote motor sports, which was widely appreciated. In the evening NEFIT with the support from Government of Manipur had organized a Cultural Program and Dinner in honour of the car rally participants at Hotel Imphal.

Day 4 / March 13, 2012 / Imphal (via Moreh, Tamu) to Kalewa (Kalemiyo): At Imphal the Chief Secretary of Manipur, Mr. D. S Poonia along with Legislator, Mangibabu flagged off the car rally from Hotel Imphal. The rallyist passed through Imphal valley and reached Moreh in the afternoon where documentation formalities were completed at the Land Customs Station. The car rallyist then crossed over to Myanmar, one vehicle at a time, and they received a very warm welcome from the Officials, Organizers and the Myanmar public in general, in a well organized reception with much fan fare. The passports were stamped and visa on arrival was provided, each vehicle was given a temporary licence number and a driver's license. The rallyist had lunch at Tamu (Water World Restaurant) and post lunch after covering a distance of 170 odd km's reached Kalewa (Kalemiyo) in the evening.

Day 5 / March 14, 2012 / Kalewa (Kalemiyo) (via Monywa) to Mandalay: The rallyist proceeded from Kalewa, taking the road towards Monywa with the Chindwin River giving them company. The major portion of the road up to Monywa was rugged dirt road without black topping, so it took more time in this stretch and also few minor hitches like flat tyres, etc. The car rallyist reached Monywa late afternoon, had lunch and again proceeded towards Mandalay. The rallyist reached Mandalay in the evening, booked into Mandalay Swan Hotel and had to immediately get ready for evening programs. The Chief Minister of the area along with other dignitaries graced the Dinner cum Cultural Program at the Mandalay Hill Resort, where artistes from both India and Myanmar showcased the rich cultural heritage of their respective countries. The car rallyist also got to interact with the officials and business invitees from Mandalay.

Day 6 / March 15, 2012 / Mandalay to Naypyitaw (capital of Myanmar): In the morning the car rallyist were taken by bus on a quick site seeing tour of Mandalay city, whereby that got to see the Mandalay Palace, the Ayerawady (Irawady) River, office of the National League for Democracy, etc. The flag off from Mandalay was from the starting point of the Mandalay Yangon Express Highway, an excellent 4 to 6 lane road, which goes right up to Yangon via Naypyitaw, and is more or less straight the entire distance. The rallyist reached Naypyitaw the new capital of Myanmar, right in time for lunch and they were booked into the Oattara Thiri Hotel. The new capital has been neatly planned and well spread out, with very good and wide roads, drainage systems, landscaping, etc with systematic demarcation of residential, commercial, industrial and other zones. Although the city is sparsely populated at present as the shifting of the Government and the Private sector establishment is still in process, but in the future, it is definitely a city to watch for. In the evening there was dinner, cultural program and interactive session for the rallyist at Hotel Amara Resort & Spa, which was graced by the Hon'ble Minister for Tourism, Government of Myanmar and other dignitaries.

Day 7 / March 16, 2012 / Naypyitaw to Yangon: In the morning the Hon'ble Minister for Tourism, Government of Myanmar flagged off the rally from the Express Highway and the ride was a smooth one. The rallyist reached Yangon during lunch time and they were checked into the Asia Plaza Hotel. In the evening the rallyist were treated dinner at a specialty restaurant called, the Beijing Duck.

Day 8 / March 17, 2012 / Yangon: The car rallyist got a day off from driving and were taken by luxury buses for a sight-seeing tour of the city, starting with the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the oldest and biggest pagoda's of Yangon; the Tomb of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the Last Mughal Emperor and then to Bogyoke Aung San Market, formerly known as Scott Market, a major tourist destination for handicrafts, jewellery, etc. and stopping for lunch at the Royal Garden Restaurant. Post lunch was a quick tour of the park, which housed the white elephants of Myanmar. The rallyist were then taken to the Indian Embassy at Yangon where there was an interactive session and high tea with the High Commissioner of India to Myanmar, His Excellency Dr. V. S Shesadri and other embassy officials, where some of the rallyist also shared their experiences and thoughts on possible business opportunities between India and Myanmar. In the evening there was a dinner, cultural program and interactive session organized by the Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industries (UMFCCI).

Day 9 / March 18, 2012 / Yangon to Pyay: The second leg of the first Indo-Myanmar Friendship Car Rally, was flagged off from People's Square, Yangon by U Myint Swe, Chief Minister of Yangon. Dr. V.S. Seshadri, Ambassador of India was also present during the flag off along with officials and families of the Indian Embassy at Yangon. The landscape and terrain on the road to Pyay from Yangon was very similar to the landscape in Assam and the journey was comfortably made by afternoon. The rallyist, were booked into a nice and pristine resort called the Mingalar Garden, where they got the time and space to rest and revive for the return journey.

Day 10 / March 19, 2012 / Pyay to Bagan: The road from Pyay to Bagan was a dusty one where the rallyist had to cross through semi-desert kind of landscape with many dry river beds. The rallyist reached Bagan, the city of Pagoda's, late afternoon, and they were checked into Hotel Arthawka. In the evening the rallyist were taken to another nice resort for dinner and interactive session.

Day 11 / March 20, 2012 / Bagan to Monywa: In the morning a sight-seeing tour was conducted by bus whereby the rallyist were taken to three famus Pagoda's and later taken to a Lacquerware factory, whereby objects are decoratively covered by lacquer, to create items like boxes, tableware, buttons, etc. The car rallyist were flagged off after the city tour and reached Monywa for late lunch. In the evening there was dinner, cultural programme, gift exchange and interaction among the car rallyist and dignitaries from Myanmar. The occasion was graced by the Chief Minister of the Monywa region.

Day 12 / March 21, 2012 / Monywa to Imphal: The last leg of the journey was a long one as well as a sizeable portion of the road was rough and rugged, hence the car rallyist, were flagged off early. Moreover, the rallyist had to be safely taken to Imphal as the stretch from Moreh to Imphal should be ideally covered not beyond 7-8 PM because of security concern. Fortunately, all the vehicles except one was able to cross the border at Moreh by daylight and with the security cover provided by Govt. of Manipur, the rally convoy reached Imphal just after 8 PM. The one vehicle which suffered a technical snag near Tamu, was towed to Moreh and was able to reach Imphal the next day. For the car rallyist from Imphal it was the end of the rally.

Day 13 / March 22, 2012 / Imphal to Guwahati: The car rallyist and organizers from Guwahati started off from Imphal post break-fast for the last stage of the journey. The car rallyist could touch Assam within daylight and were escorted by Assam Police all the way up to Landmark Hotel, and the convoy could reach around 7 PM. A Press conference was already organized and the car rallyist and the organizers shared their experiences with the audience. With this, the Indo-Myanmar Friendship Car Rally came to an end.


In tune with the Look East Policy of Government of India, the primary objective of the Indo-Myanmar Friendship Car Rally was to foster friendship and explore at possible opportunities and synergies in business and trade, through people to people contact, particularly between the North-East States of India and Myanmar, with whom the region shares historical linkages.

The car rallyist has been able to win hearts and much appreciation from the people of Myanmar, all along the entire stretch that they have covered. It is a subjective matter as to what the car rally has achieved in terms of business? Being a first car rally of its kind, one of the main take homes, from the car rally is that it has been able to bridge the psychological gap by highlighting the fact that travel by road between the two countries is very much possible. The car rallyist, have ignited the imagination among the people, that if they can drive from Guwahati to Yangon and back; why not tourist, traders, business man and people in general? It can be safely said that, the car rally has paved the way to make travel by road between the two countries a regular feature, only the will, is required.

Indo Myanmar Friendship Car Rally

This is a general information to all concerns that the INDO – MYANMAR FRIENDSHIP CAR RALLY which is supposed to start from 29th January to 09th February, 2012 have been Postponed and Deferred to 11 – 22 March, 2012, to accommodate the request of Participating State of Manipur which is going to poll between January 28 and 6th March, 2012 and also due to other logistic issues connected with the conduct of the Event. These new schedules of dates are proposed and announced accordingly after due consultation with our Myanmar counterparts.

We regret to notify about the change of programme and deeply apologise for any inconvenience that might have caused due to the changes caused by un-avoidable circumstances. However, we continue to seek your full co-operation and to bear with us in making the programme a grand success in March, 2012 in the interest of the country, focusing on building bilateral relations with our neighbours.

T he Indo Myanmar Friendship Car Rally is being organised by North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT) and Assam Speed and Adventure Club (ASAC) for the first time which will start from Guwahati in Assam (India), on 11/03/2012 to 22/03/2012, to Yangon in Myanmar and back to Guwahati making it a round trip covering a distance of more than 5000 Kms. The rally route will cover some of the most remote areas and spectacular places of North east India and Myanmar. The car rally will also cover almost the entire country of Myanmar waiting to be explored and discovered the Golden Land of Pagodas - Myanmar.

This International event is supported by the Ministry of DoNER, Govt. of India, New Delhi and the Govt. of North Eastern States of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland besides the active supports of Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Tourism and hotel of the Govt. of Union of Myanmar and the Myanmar Embassy in New Delhi.

The Car Rally is a step forward to re-establish the age-old trade routes connecting the Northeastern parts of India and Myanmar; thereby promoting Trade and Tourism and also highlights the historical linkages, Cultural and Language affinities of the people of this remote part of the world.

The event is also going to be a synergy of Myanmar and North East of India trying to make a step forward to bringing culture, ethnicity of the two countries together by showcasing festivals, dance, music, cuisine etc on the roads of Myanmar and India.

Besides, the event will be marked by special Business Sessions and Cultural Programme at the Myanmar International Convention Centre at Naypyitaw (National Capital) and at Yangon.

Aims and Objectives:
The main theme of the event :

Mapping connectivity in the perspective of North east India and Myanmar,
focusing on building bilateral relations, Culture, Tourism and Trade

Ø To promote better bilateral relations between India and Myanmar

Ø To promote more Trade and Tourism between India and Myanmar

Ø To promote Northeast India and Myanmar as the land corridor and gateway to Southeast Asia.

Ø To promote North East India as a Trade and Business destination in Southeast Asia.

Ø To re-establish and strengthen the age-old historical linkages, culture and linguistic affinities of the people of the regions.

Ø To establish good connectivity by road, rail, air and sea between North East India, and Myanmar.

Ø To promote the 'Look East' policy of the Govt. of India in the perspective of NE India with Southeast Asian countries.

Ø To Promote and open more Border Trade between North east India and Myanmar.

Ø To Promote the advantages of setting up Industrial ventures in the North East with regards to its unique geo-political location and incentives offered by various state governments of North East India.

Ø To Promote North East India as a clean, green and an eco-friendly tourist destination for high-end as well as budget travellers.

Ø Also promotion of North East India as an Adventure Sports destination.


The last date for submission of Participation forms is extended to 15th February, 2012. However, those who have already submitted their applications earlier, need not filled up again but they are advised to send their consent re - confirming about their participations in the car rally either verbally or in writing.


1. Total number of participants 225 (75% Indians/ 25% Foreigners)
2. Total number of vehicles 55 nos. (All SUV Cars)
3. Dates : 11th March to 22nd March, 2012
4. Programme (Tentative itinerary) :

Day 1 :- 9.00am : Documentations and Formalities
3.00 pm : Handing over of cars
5.00 pm : Press Meet
7.00 pm : Final briefing followed by Dinner
Night halt at Guwahati, India.

Day 2 :- 7.00 am : Opening ceremony
1. Chief Guest - Union Minister of DoNER, Govt. of India.
2. Guest of Honour:
i) Chief Minister of Assam
ii) H.E. Zin Yaw, Ambassador of Union of Myanmar, New Delhi in India.

7.30am : Flag off from Guwahati by Chief Minister of Assam
12noon : Lunch at Kaziranga
6.00 pm : Arrival at Kohima followed by dinner
Distance to cover: 500kms. (Approx)
Night halt at Kohima, India

Day 3 :- 7.00 am : Flag off from Kohima by CM of Nagaland.
12 noon : Arrival at Imphal followed by lunch
1.00 pm : Flag off by the CM/ Governor of Manipur
5.00 pm : Arrival at Moreh (India)/Tamu (Myanmar), Immigration check in for border crossing.
Distance to cover : 250 Kms. (Approx)
Night halt at Tamu, Myanmar.

Day 4 :- 8.00 am : Flag off from Tamu by CM of Sagaing Division, Myanmar.
11 am : Lunch at Kalemiyo
4.00 pm : Tea break at Monywa
8.00 pm : Arrival at Mandalay and followed by Dinner
Distance to cover : 500 Kms. (Approx)
Night halt at Mandalay, Myanmar

Day 5 :- 8.00 am : Break fast followed by city tours
12 noon : Lunch
2.00 pm : Flag off by the CM of Mandalay
4.30 pm : Arrival at Naypyitaw
6.00 pm : Official reception followed by Business Conference on Tourism and Trade
in the Perspective of NE India and Myanmar Jointly organised by NEFIT and UMFCCI
8.00 pm : Cultural Programme followed by Dinner
Distance to cover : 160 Kms. (Approx)
Night halt at Naypyitaw, Capital of Myanmar

Day 6 :- 8.00 am : Flag off by Hon'ble President of Union of Myanmar.
3.00 pm : Tea break at Bago
8.00pm : Arrival at Yangon followed by dinner and rest.
Distance to cover : 600 Kms. (Approx)
Night halt at Yangon, Myanmar.

Day 7 : 8.00 am : Break fast followed by City tour
12.00 noon : Lunch break
3.00 pm : Special chat programme with H.E the Ambassador of India to Myanmar.
4.00 pm : Business conference initiated & hosted by UMFCCI, Yangon
6.00 pm : Cultural Nite followed by dinner.
Night Halt at Yangon, Myanmar

Day 8 :- 8.00 am : Flag off by Tourism Minister of Myanmar.
12.00 noon : Lunch break
4.00 pm : Arrival at Piyay
Distance to cover : 600 Kms. (Approx)
Night halt at Piyay, Myanmar

Day 9 :- 8.00 am : Flag off From Piyay
12.00 noon : Lunch break
5.00 pm : Arrival at Bagan
7.00 pm : Reception followed by dinner.
Distance to cover : 500 Kms (Approx)
Night halt at Bagan, Myanmar.

Day 10 :- 8.00 am : Flag off from Bagan
12.00 noon : Lunch break
5.00 pm : Arrival at Monywa
7.00pm : Dinner & rest
Distance to cover : 400 Kms. (Approx)
Night halt at Monywa, Myanmar

Day 11 :- 6.00 am : Flag off from Monywa
10.00 am : Lunch at kalemiyo
2.00 pm : International Border crossing at Tamu -Moreh.
5.00 pm : Arrival at Imphal
5.30 pm : Flag off from Imphal
9.00 pm : Arrival at Kohima
Distance to cover : 600 Kms (Approx)
Night halt at Kohima.

Day 12 : 7.00 am : Flag off from Kohima
10.00 am : Tea break at Dimapur.
1.00 pm : Lunch at Nagaon
4.00 pm : Arrival at Guwahati
5.00 pm : Closing Ceremony and Dinner
8.00pm : Final Press meets
Distance to cover : 370Kms. (Approx)

Contact Address:
Organising Committee
Indo - Myanmar Friendship Car Rally
House No. 1, Uday Path, R.G. Baruah Road, Guwahati -781024, Assam (INDIA)
Contact No.: +91 - 94350 -16512, 98599 - 84254, 94350 - 45561, 98540 - 79997
E-mail : indomyanmar.carrally@gmail.com

1. Mr. R.C. Agrawal Chairman Head of mission
2. Mr. Bijoy Phangcho Vice Chairman Chief of Program & Protocol
3. Mr. Mrinal Hatkhowa Convenor Program director (Logistic)
4. Mr. Ravi Agrawal Co-convenor Program coordinator (Technical)
5. Mr. Chandra M. Kishor Singh OSD Protocol & Logistic
6. Mr. S.M. Farid PRO Public Relations
7. Mr. Asish Deb CRO Documentaion & Records
8. Mr. Abu Metha Executive Member  
9. Mr. Shanawaz Zaffar Executive Member  
10. Mr. Dcom Bhuyan Member Media & Publicity
11. Mr. Udayan Das Member Photography
12. Mr. I. Rajendra Singh Member  
13. Mr. Musa Sherif Member  
14. Mr. Vikishe Shohe Member  
15. Mr. Banee Brata Das Member  
16. Mr. Pankaj Agrawal Member  
17. Mr. Ashwin Naik Member  
18. Mr. Manish Jain Auditor Finance & Accounts
19. Dr. Member Head of Medical team
20 Mr. Sudev Roy Member  
21. Mr. Sandeep Agarwal Member  
22. Mr. Debojit Goswami Member  
23. Chief Patron: Hon'ble Union Minister of Development of north Eastern Region, GoI, New Delhi.
24. Patron: Hon'ble Chief Ministers of Assam, Manipur & Nagaland
25. Advisory Board: i) Chief Advisors: Concerned departmental Ministers of supporting states
ii) Advisors: a) Mr. M.K. Mero, Principal Secreatry, IAPR & New and Renewable energy, Govt. of Nagaland, Kohima
b) Mr. O. Nabakishor Singh, IAS, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal.
c) Mr. H.K. Das, IAS, Commissioner & Secretary, Tourism, Govt. of Assam, Dispur.
d) All Directors of concerned state departments.
e) Mr. U Win Dung, President, UMFCCI, Yangon, Myanmar
f) Dr.Myo Thit, Secreatry General, UMFCCI, Yangon, Myanmar.
g) Mr. U Hla Maung, CEM, UMFCCI, Yangon, Myanmar
h) Mr. B.K. Gohain, IAS (Rtd.)
i) Mr. Brojen kumar Handique
j) Mr. Prawal Bora

Around 17 member delegation comprising of Trade members and members of state legislative assembly from India attended at the recently concluded Business Summit at Chiang Mai in Thailand.  The specially convened Tri-nations (India, Myanmar and Thailand) Business Summit was organized by the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Govt., Bangkok. The Summit was held at Centara Duangtawan hotel in Chiang Mai on 8 & 9 September, 2011.

Mr. Bijoy Phangcho, Working President, NEFIT represented India at the Business Summit wherein he delivered a presentation on the topic “Connectivity and Trade in the perspective of North East India, Myanmar and Thailand”.

Trade delegates from Manipur led by Mr. T. Mangi Babu and Mr. RK Sherjit & group have showcased Fine products of handicrafts and caffeine free Tea made of some lemon grass.


A power point presentation was given by Mr. Bijoy Phangcho, Working President, NEFIT on 26th November, 2010 at NEDFI conference Hall in Guwahati during the visit of Cabinet Secretary of the govt. of India, Mr. K. M. Chandrasekhar.


Special NE Economic Desk at all Indian Mission in Southeast Asia.
More MEA active role in India’s neighborhoods around NE India.
Simplifications of Trade Procedures for the region to encourage free trade with neighbouring countries
Notified LCS of Nampong in Arunachal Pradesh and Awangkhu in Nagaland should be made functional and operational.
Set up more LCS with improved connectivity.
Develop towns and villages located on International boundary.
Introduce Bus services between Imphal to Mandalay and Shillong to Sylhet/ Dhaka
Facilitate exchange programme in Education and Culture.
Lifting of Restricted Area Permit System to promote free flow of Tourists to the region.
Better connectivity with South and Southeast Asia – air, rail, road and waterways.


The constructions of National Project East – West corridor highway.
The Constructions of Asian Highway (AH) no. 1, 2 & Trilateral Highways. The AH project was initiated by the United Nations in 1959 with the aim of promoting the development of international road transport in Asian region.
Open the Stillwell road connecting Ledo in Assam with Kunming in China via Myitkyina of Kachin state in upper Myanmar.
Roads constructions of Aizawl – Zawkhathar (Champhai) in Mizoram and Rih Tiddim/ Rih Falam road connecting AH1&2 at Monywa in Myanmar.
Develop and construct the Sutarkandi (Karimganj) – Seola –Sylhet road.


Double lining of Railway track with electric train should be introduced from Barauni in Bihar to Guwahati in view of the increased traffic of passengers and freights.
Constructions of Railway lines from Lekhapani in Assam to Nampong in Arunachal Pradesh and Jiribam to Kalemiyo (Myanmar) via Imphal in Manipur should be initiated at the earliest.
Conversion of Railway track between Lumding and Badarpur junctions in Assam.
Railway link between New Delhi and Hanoi ( Vietnam) under Greater Mekong Sub Region Cooperation agreement be implemented.


Financially viable air connectivity routes have to be designed and implemented to increase Regional Air connectivity with mainland of the country.
International flights connecting Guwahati with Dhaka (Bangladesh), Kathmandu (Nepal), Yangon (Myanmar), Yunnan (China) and Bangkok (Thailand).
Air cargo services should be provided with storage facilities at LGBI, the only international Airport in NE India region.


Utilizations and operationalisations of Inland Waterways through riverine routes between North East India, Bangladesh and Mainland of the country under protocol 1, 2, 3, & 4.
The Multi-modal Kaladan River Project
Construction of Sittwe Sea Port Project in Myanmar as earliest.


Sign TRANSIT TREATY between India, Myanmar and Thailand.
Setting up of Visa Offices of Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand at Guwahati.
Setting up of Export promotion Council (EPC) exclusively for North Eastern Region.
Explore and promote Ranong port of southern Thailand to use as an alternative shipping lane for connecting Malay peninsula with India.

Trade enquiry & Information desk of NEFIT, India concerning North East India is opened at Bangkok

A Trade enquiry & Information desk of North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT), India concerning North East India is opened at Bangkok, Thailand from 1st January, 2011.

So, for any enquiry on trade and investment concerning North East India and Thailand, please kindly contact North East India Thai Co. Ltd. Corporate office located at 2149 Market plus Building, 1st Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 83, Sukhumvit Road, Bangchak, Phrakanong, Bangkok, Thaiaand-10260.

Contact Tel. no. +66-02-7303733-34 and Fax no. +66-02-7426013


Being desirous of strengthening trade relations between the UNION OF MYANMAR and the REPUBLIC OF INDIA, the UNION OF MYANMAR FEDERATION OF CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (UMFCCI) and the NORTH EAST FEDERATION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE (NEFIT), here-in-after referred to as the parties, have entered into an MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING, as follows:

1. The parties shall cooperate and do their utmost to further improve and expand bilateral trade between the UNION OF MYANMAR and the REPUBLIC OF INDIA.

2. The parties shall regularly exchange information and views on expansion of trade between the two countries. To achieve this objective, it is mutually agreed that each contracting party shall supply the other with trade information and publications.

3. The parties agree to support and encourage exchange of trade delegations and missions as well as visits of businessmen either individually or in groups between the two countries.

4. The parties agree to assist each other in the participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and expositions held in either of the countries.

5. The parties shall assist in the amicable and friendly settlement of any trade dispute arising out of business transaction between the members of both the Chambers through conciliation, negotiation, and arbitration taking into account of International Standard and convention as and when necessary.

6. That the parties shall jointly take up any banking related issues and problems like issue of letter of credit payments related issues and other trade barriers including tariffs etc. in relations to exports and imports arising out of bilateral trade and commerce between India and Myanmar.

7. The parties have agreed to study and identify potential exportable-importable items from Myanmar and North Eastern Region of India and also to work together to remove any trade imbalances between the two countries.

8. That both the parties will jointly provide content, direction and thrust to exporters and importers of both the countries.

9. The parties shall take all necessary steps to ensure that this MOU works to their mutual benefits, and that it is jointly occasionally on the written request from either party.

10. The MOU shall come into force as from the date of its signing until mutually revised by both parties.

Done in duplicate and signed in Yangon on 28th July, 2009.




MoU signed between NEFIT, Manipur Chapter and UMBTCC of Tamu, Myanmar on 17.05.2010 at Tamu, Myanmar

This MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING is signed between the Indian Trade Delegation represented by Shri M. Chandrakishore Singh, President, North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT), Manipur Chapter and Myanmar Trade Delegation represented by U Hla Maung, President, Union of Myanmar Border Trade Chamber of commerce (UMBTCC), Tamu (Myanmar), on this 17th May, 2010 on the occasion of Two-Day Buyer Seller-cum-Ground Level officials Meet.

Whereas the trade organizations after detailed discussions decided to lay down the following agreement to strengthen and enhance, economic, trade and investment activities for promotion of trade in goods and services as well as create a transparent, liberal and sincere regimes to explore new areas and develop appropriate measures for closer economic co-operation between the parties, the following broad agreements were made:

1. That at Myanmar and India border, Myanmar authorized Immigration Department to allow the Indian Businessmen for entry into Myanmar territory issuing Border Pass from morning 6.00 a.m. to evening 6.00 p.m. (MST). his border pass ticket is invalid if the businessman return back to Indian Territory. Such Border Pass may be validated for 7 days especially for businessman. Authority of Myanmar shall be requested.

2. That exchange of traditional cultural troupe of Manipur and other North Eastern States (India) and Myanmar at the convenient time to strengthen bilateral ties of friendship shall be considered by both sides if required necessary permission shall also be obtained.

3. That as an initiative for promotion of tourism, the trade delegates of Manipur or North Eastern States of India, visits to Mandalay in Myanmar by Indian delegates and to Guwahati and other North Eastern States of India for the Myanmar delegates shall be affected to promote trade and people-to-people contact.

4. That UMBTCC and NEFIT, Manipur Chapter have agreed in principle to request the respective country Govt. for facilitation of Visa on Arrival at Tamu-Moreh border points.

5. That Indian side and Myanmar side may consider for allowing movement of export-import cargo/ vehicles up to warehouse on both sides which was considered during the visit of indian Inter-Min sterial Team on 9/11/2009 to Tamu.

6. That the two sides agreed to exchange lists of prospective traders of both sides within May, 2010 or whichever is earlier.

7. That the privilege of weighing the export-import consignment in the Land Customs Station, Moreh constructed under ASIDE Scheme of Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India may be taken by both sides.

8. That the Food Safety norms of International Rules and Regulations may be adopted for which the NEFIT shall supply a copy of the Handbooks/ Rules & Regulations to UMBTCC at the earliest.

9. That to facilitate import-export of fish and livestock, operational of animal quarantine office may be considered by both sides.

10. That import of rice by Indian side shall be started at the earliest to help the shortage of rice faced by State of Manipur and other North Eastern states.

11. That Indian side may be allowed to open more number of banks at the border town as well as at Yangon as the present designated bank of UBI is unable to cater the need of traders for operational L/C facility.

12. That both sides may extend mutual co-operation for operational of Imphal to Mandalay Bus Service.

13. That State Government of Manipur or Indian side shall request the Supreme Court of India to lift the ban on import of timber from Myanmar through the North East States. The NEFIT, Manipur Chapter shall coordinate with different NE States and other agencies and it shall move the High Powered Committee constituted by Supreme Court to effect necessary changes in this regard in the interest of the NE region.

14. That to facilitate and promote games & sports, a friendly football match shall be arranged at Tamu and Imphal for the boys & girls of both sides within the winter season of 2010 subject to approval of appropriate authorities.

15. That holding of regular Buyer Seller and Ground Level Officials Meet of both the country will definitely speed up the development of bilateral trade. That such meeting will enable the authorities on both sides to articulate their problems, evolve collective and appropriate solutions and implement them. Most important aspects of such meeting are to settle trade discrepancies / misunderstanding / disputes of both sides and to bring amicable solutions. The Meet be held in every 6 months to help the traders, guide them to develop, disseminate and share business information among the authorities on one side and traders / entrepreneurs on the other.

Signed on 17/05/2010 at Water World Restaurant Hall of Tamu, Sagaing Division, Myanmar in presence of officials from both the countries in two originals in English language


U Hla Maung

In presence of:

U San Nwe Win
Director, Border Trade Department
Govt. of the Union of Myanmar
For NEFIT, Manipur Chapter

M. Chandrakishore Singh
President Manipur Chapter

T. Pamei, IAS

Director of Commerce & Industries
Govt. of Manipur

Bijoy Phangcho
Working President
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