NEFIT Trade Delegation to P.R. China to Participate in the Dialogue on South Asia (Pan-Asia)
Production Capacity Cooperation

Tentative Itinerary for Indian Trade Delegation to attend, 2018 Chengdu
Dialogue on South Asia (Pan-Asia) Production Capacity Cooperation
from (14th - 22nd September)

Day 1
(14th Sep’18)
Arrival Chengdu at 0935 AM (CST). Check into hotel and afternoon goes for local half day sightseeing. Overnight stay at Marriott Hotel Financial Centre Chengdu.
Day 2
(15th Sep’18)
Breakfast at hotel, visit the Panda Breeding and Research Center and Kuan-Zhai Alley Tour. Lunch is at a Chinese restaurant where you can learn about the Sichuan-style dishes. After lunch you will go to Chengdu People's Park, and then proceed to Kuan-Zhai Lane (or Wide and Narrow Alley) is the day's last destination. Overnight stay in Hotel Financial Centre Chengdu.
Day 3
(16th Sep’18)
Breakfast at the hotel. 9.30 AM (CST) Visit to Trade Centre By Deluxe A/C Bus, At 10.30 AM (CST) Registration for Chengdu Dialogue on South Asia (Pan Asia) Production, 12.00 Noon (CST) Lunch, 14.00 PM (CST) Chengdu City Tour, 18.00 PM (CST)Dinner and overnight stay at Hotel Financial Centre Chengdu.
Day 4
(17th Sep’18)
Breakfast at Hotel, 9.30 AM (CST) Visit to Trade Centre By Deluxe A/C Bus, 10.00 AM (CST) Attend the meeting Chengdu Dialogue on South Asia (Pan Asia) Production. Whole day at Meeting, 18.00 PM (CST) Dinner and overnight stay at hotel. Marriott Hotel Financial Centre Chengdu.
Day 5
(18th Sep’18)
Breakfast at Hotel, 9.30 AM (CST) Visit to Trade Centre By Deluxe A/C Bus, 10.00 AM (CST) Attend the meeting Chengdu Dialogue on South Asia (Pan Asia) Production. Whole day at Meeting, 18.00 PM (CST) Dinner and overnight stay at Jin Yun Hotel Chengdu.
Day 6
(19th Sep’18)
Breakfast at the hotel and check out from the hotel. Free for shopping. At 17.00 PM (CST) Dinner and Processed to Chengdu Airport, P.R. China

N.B. ******* the Itinerary is purely tentative subject to be modified without prior notification

Tentative Flight Itinerary Details
Carrier Flight Date Day From To Dep. Arr. Arr. Date
MU-China Eastern Airlines 556 14-Sep Sat Kolkata (India) Kunming (PR China) 0035 0530 14-Sep
MU-China Eastern Airlines 5841 14-Sep Sat Kunming (PR China) Chengdu (PR China) 0805 0935 14-Sep
MU-China Eastern Airlines 5848 19-Sep Sat Chengdu (PR China) Kunming (PR China) 1805 1940 19-Sep
MU-China Eastern Airlines 555 19-Sep Sat Kunming (PR China) Kolkata (India) 2335 2350 19-Sep


Tentative Itinerary for NEFIT Trade and Economic Delegation 2018

From 16th June to 23rd June, 2018

Day 1 (16 th June 18)
Arrival at Kolkata International Airport by convenient Domestic Flight to Catch MU 556
Day 2 (17 thJun’18) 00.35 AM (IST) Departure From Kolkata to Kunming by Flight (MU556) 
Sunday 05.30 AM (CST) Arrival Kunming International Airport
08.05 AM (CST) Departure From Kunming International Airport to Baoshan by Flight (MU5981)
09:10 AM (CST) Arrival At Baoshan
10.00 AM (CST) Arrival and Check in at hotel Landu at Baoshan. P R China
12.00 NOON (CST) Lunch and rest
1500 PM (CST) Interactive discussion with Baoshan Municipality Leaders, Trade bodies and members of
Translator’s Association of Baoshan with members of the NEFIT Trade and Economic Delegation 2018
18.00 PM (CST) Followed by welcome banquet hosted at the Landu Hotel
Night Halt at Hotel Landu, Baoshan,
Day 3 (18 th Jun’18) 08.30 AM (CST) Breakfast at Hotel Landu
Monday 09.30 AM (CST) Start to visit Yiwu International Trade City By Bus
10.00 AM (CST) Present at the 12 th China-Baoshan Southern Silk Road Trade and Tourism Festival & 2018
Flower Festival
14.00 AM (CST) After lunch Baoshan City tour/Local Markets/Super markets/Malls visit
18.00 PM (CST) Dinner at outside restaurant and overnight stay at Baoshan
Day 4 (19 th Jun’18 ) 8.30 AM (CST) Breakfast at Hotel
Tuesday 9.30 AM (CST) Visit to Baoshan University under supervision of International Exchange and cooperation office
of Baoshan University (to be confirm by FAO, Baoshan Municipality)
12.00 NOON (CST) Lunch at city restaurant.
13.00 PM (CST) Visit the Baoshan Trade and Industrial Park in the Luhua Energy Technology, Silk Industry,
Tea Industry etc . (to be confirmed by FAO, Baoshan Municipality)
18.00 PM (CST) Dinner at outside city restaurant and overnight stay at Baoshan
Day 5 (20 th Jun’18) 08.00 AM (CST) Breakfast
Wednesday 09.30 AM (CST) Check out from Hotel and Processed to Tengchong By Deluxe A/C Bus
11.00 AM (CST) Visit Asia's longest and highest suspension Longjiang Grand Bridge (connecting the cities of
Baoshan and Tengchong)
12.30 PM Noon (CST) Lunch
13.00 PM (CST) visit to Heshun Ancient Town 15.00 Check in at hotel stay hotel Feng Sheng Zhong Zhou at
18.00 PM (CST) Dinner at outside city restaurant and overnight Tengchong  
Day 6 (21 st Jun’’18) 8. AM (CST) Breakfast
Thursday 9.00 AM (CST) After breakfast visit to Visit Houqiao Port (Introduction given by local guide on Sino-Myanmar
land port trading)
12.00 Noon (CST) Lunch
13.00 PM (CST) Visit WWII War Museum (the National Cemetery, the Laifeng Hills Park.)
18.00 PM (CST) Dinner and Overnight stay at Tengchong
Day 7 (22 nd Jun’18) 6.00 AM (CST) Breakfast and check out from Hotel
Friday 6.30 AM (CST) Processed to Tengchong Airport
9.25 AM (CST) Departure from Tengchong by flight (MU-China Eastern Airlines-5809)
10.25 PM (CST) Arrival at Kunming International Airport
12.00 Noon (CST) Arrival and Check in the Enjoying International Hotel / Three Leaves Hotel at Kunming.
12.30 PM (CST) Lunch
13.30 PM (CST) Visit to Yunnan Natural Rubber Investment Co. Ltd. An introduction to YSFA on the way
(Meeting with YSFA Officials)
18.00 PM (CST) Dinner and overnight stay at Kunming
Day 8 (23 rd Jun’18) 8. AM (CST) Breakfast
Saturday 9.00 AM (CST) After breakfast Kunming City Tour
12.00 Noon (CST) Lunch
13.00 PM (CST) 9.00 AM (CST) , visit the Wanda Square for Shopping
18.00 PM (CST) Dinner
19.00 PM (CST) Processed to Kunming Airport
23: 35 PM (CST) Leave from Kunming for Kolkata by flight (MU-555)
23.50 PM (IST) Arrival to Kolkata

N.B ******* the Itinerary is purely tentative subject to be modified or change without prior notification

Go-NE Holidays
Itinerary Details
Carrier Flight Date Day From To Dep Arr Arr. Date
MU-China Eastern Airlines 556 17-Jun Sun Kolkata (India) Kunming (PR China) 0035 0530 17-Jun
MU-China Eastern Airlines 5981 17-Jun Sun Kunming (PR China) Baoshan (PR China) 0805 0910 17-Jun
MU-China Eastern Airlines 5809 22-Jun Fri Tengchong (PR China) Kunming (PR China) 0940 1040 22-Jun
MU-China Eastern Airlines 555 23-Jun Sat Kunming (PR China) Kolkata (India) 2335 2350 23-Jun




In connection with the Global Investors Summit 2018 at Guwahati

For promotion of Trade, Road Show, Investment, Tourism & Historical Linkage between

India- Myanmar-Thailand-Laos

From 11th January to 2nd February, 2018

Tentative Itinerary

Date Days Departure Destination Distance Hrs. Country
11/1/2018 1 Guwahati Briefing / Opening Ceremony     India
12/1/2018 2 Guwahati Kohima 356 Km 10 Hrs. India
13/01/2018 3 Kohima Imphal 137 Km 7 Hrs. India
14/01/2018 4 Imphal Kalemyo 243 Km 9 Hrs. Myanmar
15/01/2018 5 Kalemyo Mandalay 365 Km 10 Hrs. Myanmar
16/01/2018 6 Mandalay Kyaiktiyo 630 km 11 Hrs. Myanmar
17/01/2018 7 Kyaiktiyo Tak 390 km 9 Hrs. Thailand
18/01/2018 8 Tak Dansai 290 km 9 hrs. Thailand
19/01/2018 9 Dansai Vientiane 350 Km 10 Hrs. Lao PDR
20/01/2018 10 Vientiane Sightseeing/Road Show Free Day   Lao PDR
21/01/2018 11 Vientiane Khon Kaen 200 km 7 Hrs. Thailand
22/01/2018 12 Khon Kaen Bangkok 450 Km 9 Hrs. Thailand
23/01/2018 13 Bangkok Car Servicing / Pattya Day Trip Free Day   Thailand
24/01/2018 14 Bangkok 2nd Leg / Road Show Free Day   Thailand
25/01/2018 15 Bangkok Measot 480 Km 8 hrs. Thailand
26/01/2018 16 Measot Yangon 450 Km 12 Hrs. Myanmar
27/01/2018 17 Yangon Sightseeing Free Day   Myanmar
28/01/2018 18 Yangon Bagan 630 Km 12 Hrs. Myanmar
29/01/2018 19 Bagan Sight seeing/Mandalay 179 Km 5 Hrs. Myanmar
30/01/2018 20 Mandalay Kalemyo 365 Km 9 Hrs. Myanmar
31/01/2018 21 Kalemyo Imphal 243 Km 10 Hrs. India
1/2/2018 22 Imphal Kaziranga 365 Km 10 Hrs. India
2/2/2018 23 Kaziranga Flag Down at Guwahati 216 Km 6 Hrs. India
        7000 Km Approx  

1. DOWNLOAD Registration FORM



South & Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair
From 12-18 June, 2017 at Kunming, P.R. China

Dear All,

Greetings from North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT). At the very outset, we would like to introduce ourselves as the nodal trade body for the Exporters and Importers of the North East Region of India. The North East Federation of International Trade (NEFIT) provides content, direction and thrust to North East India’s gradually expanding international trade especially with neighbouring counties of Bangladesh, Myanmar and China (BCIM Countries) and we also assist and support our members to expand their global reach and accessibility to the International market. Besides we also organize workshops and seminars on Export/Import and participate in International trade fairs.

We have received an Invitation letter from Mr. Yang Jun, Mayor, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China to participate in the South & Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair from 12-18 June, 2017 at Kunming, P.R. China.

It is our pleasure to inform you that considering the social, tourism & cultural affinity between North East India, and PR China, the goodwill created so far by the Government and private individuals needs to be supplemented by long-term trade and commerce commensurate with India’s “Act East” policy. While North East India and China have taken significant strides in building bridges in the field of Trade and Commerce over the years, India’s excellent political relations to provide a fertile ground for growth of economic ties.

To highlight the vast investment opportunities available in the North East, to project North East India as the Gateway to the vibrant markets of South East Asia and to prepare the region to the high business prospects once the Stillwell Road is commissioned, the North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT) is organizing a high-level business delegation to china during June 12-18, 2017, with the support of Consulate General of India, Guangzhou and Mayor of Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, PR China.

We do believe that that the South & Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair will provide you the appropriate platform to discuss your projects with your counterparts in various sectors of interest and help to develop your business plans to a large extent. I am glad to inform you that the Consulate General of India, Guangzhou suggested us to invite large numbers of NE entrepreneurs to participate at the EXPO/fairs with their best design/quality products. Also they suggested during their stay in China there is great opportunity of interaction in different fields; so that they can develop a contacts for sustain exchange of info and goods of the following sectors:-

Agro – Industries & Equipments Tourism
Floriculture Bamboo Sectors
Food Processing Handicraft
Tea Handloom

A tentative programme along with tentative budget for the delegates is attached. Therefore we request you to kindly consider participatingin thisimportant Delegation and nominate your colleagues and your members. For further information and assistance, may kindly call NEFIT General Secretary Mr. Mrinal Hatkhowa @ +91-98540-79997 / +91-70026-01901 ,,

With Best Regards

Yours sincerely,

President, NEFIT

Exhibition Introduction

The 2017 South & Southeast Asia commodity Expo and Investment Fair (SSACEIF) is co-organised by China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAARC CCI) ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) as well as China-South Asia Expo and Kunming Import & Export Fair Secretariat.

With the theme of “Creating New Opportunities for New Development” the SSACEIF aims at showcasing commodities from South & Southeast Asian countries, promoting cooperation between China and South & Southeast Asia countries and beyond, in a bid to serve as an important platform for multilateral diplomacy, economic cooperation and cultural exchanges. Through facilitating policy communications, infrastructure connectivity, trade flows, capital circulation and people-to-people exchanges, the event is committed to enhancing shared vision and development of countries and regions engaged in the Belt and Road initiative.

By virtue of Yunnan’s role as China’s South-western gateway and its advantageous geographic location where the China economic circle, Southeast Asian economic circle and South Asian economic circle converge the SSACEIF will boost the flow of goods, capital, human resources, technologies, information and more between China, South & Southeast Asia and beyond. In-depth integration of these elements between markets, industries and projects will translate economic complementarily into the driving force of development and bring about mutual benefit win-win cooperation and shared development in more fields and on higher levels.

Venue Details

Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Kunming, PR China

Located by the beautiful Dianchi Lake, Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center has 23 modern exhibition halls with a total indoor and outdoor exhibition area of 4,00,000 sqft. 1,00,000 meeting area, including meeting rooms, banquet halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms and VIP rooms, can accommodate conference, exhibitions and functions of various type and sizes.


Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province, Southwest China. It is a prefecture-level city and the political, economic, communications and cultural centre of the province as well as the seat of the provincial government. The city is also home to several universities, museums, galleries and other important economic, cultural, and educational institutions, apart from having the only International Airport in this region with direct flight connectivity with Kolkota(INDIA). The headquarters of many large businesses houses of Yunnan province are located in Kunming.

Kunming is a significant horticultural centre in China, providing products such as grain, wheat, horsebeans, corn, potato and fruit such as peaches, apples, oranges, grapes and chestnuts. Kunming is world-famous for its flowers and flower-growing exports. More than 400 types of flowers are commonly grown in Kunming. The "Garden of the World Horticultural Exposition", located in the northern suburbs of Kunming, is a major attraction. In the garden, visitors can see gardening and horticultural works from all over China and East Asia. All the horticultural works in the garden concentrate on the theme of "Man and Nature", with pavilions, towers, terraces, banks, islets and bridges.


Baoshan is located in the western part of the Yunnan Province of China close to the Myanmar border. It is the gateway of China’s opening up to South Asia in general and India in particular. Baoshan is the first major city of China on the Old Stillwell Road from Ledo(INDIA) to Kunming(CHINA) which in the ancient times was also known as the Southern Silk Route. This unique geographical location has made Baoshan an important traffic hub connecting the eight counties and prefectures of western Yunnan, and a key point on the over land trade corridor to India via Myanmar. Baoshan has been designated by the Yunnan Provincial Government to be the centre of the border economic zone of western Yunnan for trade with South Asian and ASEAN Nations.

In terms of bird-fly distance Baoshan is the closest Chinese city to the North East India and the road distance between Houqiao Port in Baoshan and Ledo in Assam is just 602 km.The economic growth potential of Baoshan is very similar to the city of Guwahati in Assam. Both these cities are well connected by road and air, has good infrastructure, emerging industrial parks, skilled human resources and a good environment for business. A proposal for establishing sister city relationship between Baoshan and Guwahati is on the anvil.


China has a big market and its massive population keeps up the demand especially in the food sector, where Agro-Horti and meat products from North East can get a big market.Even Assam CTC tea, agriculture products has a good potential of making a breakthrough in the Chinese market through Kunming &Baoshan.
As food is mostly perishable commodity, North East India has an in-built advantage of being in the close proximity to the Chinese border. Refrigerated van plying through the land route via Myanmar can deliver food items to China in the shortest possible time.
There is a big demand for raw cotton and cotton yarn in the Yunnan Province itself which the exporters of North East India can take advantage by procuring cotton from mainland India and exporting it to China from Both East through the land route.
Indian art and handicraft items are in great demand in China. North East India has a big verity of handicraft items which can be exported to China. Handloom products from North East India can also tap the market in China provided they categorise themselves as work of art and not just plain fabric.
China and especially Kunming &Baoshan has a big demand for professionals who can speak good English especially in the hospitality and education sector and North East India is a treasure trove of people who can speak good English. Starting from student and teacher exchange programs to working in the hospitality and the education sector in China, North East India has a opportunity lying ahead.

Apart from International Trade there is another important thing that North East India can tap in Kunming &Baoshan - Investment. Many Chinese businessmen in Kunming &Baoshan are ready to invest in Assam through joint venture initiatives provided they get a good project and reliable partner in Assam. The sectors of potential investments can range from agriculture, energy, automobiles, construction, plastic manufacturing and many more.

Tentative Itinerary

From June 10 to 19, 2017

Day 1 ( 10 June ) From Guwahati to Kolkata by Flight / From Kolkata to Kunming (P.R. China) by Flight
Day 2 ( 11 June) Arrival at Kunming  
Day 3 ( 12 June) Kunming
Day 4 ( 13 June) Kunming
Day 5 ( 14 June) Kunming
Day 6 ( 15 June ) Depart to Boashan by Flight
Day 7 ( 16 June) Boashan
Day 8 (17 June) Depart to Tengchong by land route & visit Houqiao port
Day 9 (18 June) Departure from Tengchong to Kunming by Flight Departure from Kunming to Kolkata by Flight
Day 10 (19 June) Departure from Kolkata to Guwahti by Flight

The participants are requested to submit the Valid Passport with 6 months minimum Validity along with Demand Draft / NEFT / RTGS in favour of North East Federation on International Tradeon or before 10th May 2017.

Co-ordinator (INDIA)

Mr. MrinalHatkhowa
General Secretary
North East Federation on International Trade
NeerajKunj, SaraswatiVihar, Near NRL Petrol Pump, Zoo Road,
Guwahati-7810005, Assam (India).
Cell : +91-98540-79997, Telefax: - 0361-2200663
Email: /

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ZED Awareness Program Schedule

S. No Type of Program Date Location State Organizing Partner Program Venue Program Time Program Faculty Status of
Status of
Program Coordinator (Mobile App) No. of
Expected Participants


ZED Awareness Program 04/03/17 Guwahati Kamrup (M) Assam NEFIT Hotel Gateway Grandeure 4.30 PM
To 7.30
Dr. R.K.
Scheduled 9435149177 45
2. ZED Awareness Program 06/03/17 Dimapur Nagaland NEFIT NIDC HALL 11 AM
To 2 PM
Dr. R.K.
Scheduled 9435149177 45
3. ZED Awareness Program 07/03/17 Imphal Manipur NEFIT Hotel Imphal 1 PM To
4 PM
Dr. R.K.
Scheduled 9435149177 45
4. ZED Awareness Program 08/03/17 Churachandpur Manipur NEFIT Conference Hall D C
11 AM
To 2 PM
Dr. R.K.
Scheduled 9435149177 45
5. ZED Awareness Program 09/03/17 Moreh Manipur NEFIT Moreh Trade
3PM To
Dr. R.K.
Scheduled 9435149177 45

Awareness Programme on Zero Defect, Zero Effect (ZED) Certification Scheme as per the 2016
Ministry of MSME Guideline

With reference to subject cited above, We would like to inform you that the National Board of Quality Control (NBQC), Quality Council of India, (QCI) Govt. of India, New Delhi in association with our North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT), is organizing an awareness programme on ZED Certification Scheme as per the 2016 Ministry of MSME Guidelines on the 23rd January 2017 at Guwahati & 24th January 2017 at Nongpoh , Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya only for The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

You are therefore requested to send your confirmation early as possible as because Quality Council of India (QCI) has restricted no of participants to only 45. You are also requested to kindly bring along with your i) Voter’s ID Card ii) Pan Card / Driving License / Aadhaar Card whichever is available.

Date: 23rd January, 2017
Venue: Hotel Gateway Grandeur, GS Road, Guwahati
Time: 3 P. M to 6 P.M
(Followed by Hyphy)
Date: 24th January, 2017
Venue: Sajer Community Hall, Nongpoh Ri-Bhoi
Time: 11 A. M to 2.30 P.M
(Followed by Lunch)

1. Download Registration Form

With Regards

R.C. Agrawal
President, NEFIT


A program under National Quality Campaign in collaboration with North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT)

Practical Risk Assessment based on ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

Date: 23rd June, 2016
Aizwal Club, Aizwal, Mizoram

One-day Training Program on “Practical Risk Assessment based on ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System"
Program Structure, Aizwal

from May 22 - June 9, 2016

(Trans - Border Expedition for Promotion of Goodwill and Friendship, Tourism & Trade)

Global analysts have predicted the present century to India, China and the South East Asian nations. Greater and closer co-operation amongst them will bring rapid economic growth that will bring highly positive changes in the standard of living of the people of these nations. Together they will be able to place themselves as a formidable economic block. The key objective of regional co-operation in trade is to achieve more rapid growth through improvement in transport and logistics. Regional co-operation amongst these geographically contiguous countries will facilitate trade by fruitfully mobilizing local resources. However, the moot issue is to travel smooth and safe, trouble-free transport of goods, hassle free visa and travel documents and other facilities.

With a view to addressing these issues, North East Federation on International Trade (NEFT), a regional trade body of Exporters and Importers of NE India, accredited by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India, and also an authorized agency that can issue “Certificate of Origin”, a document required for export-import purposes, proposes to organize the “India – Myanmar – Thailand Friendship Car Rally ” on the Asian Highway nos. 1&2 (AH-1 & AH-2 and the Tri-lateral Highways that connect Guwahati in North East India to Bangkok in Thailand through Myanmar. This is a kind of confidence building measure that will open up a new dimension of overland trading and dispel many doubts of prospective traders. The follow-up action of the “Look East Policy” of the Government of India is creating a bright economic prospect of overland trade of commodities of North East India with South East Asian countries through the India-Myanmar- Thailand Trilateral Highway and Asian Highways 1 & 2 ahead of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 that will make ASEAN boundaries adjacent to India.

Moving along with the India’s “Look East Policy”, it is our high hope to break the mental and psychological allergy towards North East India and to transform it to a part of International trade by land connectivity via Indo-Myanmar Corridor linking South East Asia and East Asia with the West Asia. This is prime reason of organizing the India - Myanmar - Thailand Car Rally.

This is also a serious attempt to explore road transport by ferrying businessmen, traders, economists and government officials of the participating countries to practical study of physical connectivity by road, transport and transit facilities, border management, soft infrastructures, land customs stations, banking facilities, border management, immigration checkpoints and other facilities ahead of the emergence of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015.




The broad objectives of the event are:

» To promote direct physical connectivity by road, rail, air between North East India, Myanmar and Thailand for more Trans border Trade and investments.
» To promote and harness the true Trade potential of India through the North East with ASEAN countries and; to explore new market for produce and products of India.
» To promote more bilateral relations in the spirit of friendship and Understanding between India, Myanmar and Thailand.
» To promote Northeast India, Myanmar and Thailand as the land corridor and gateway to Southeast Asia and the Far East.
» To re-establish and strengthen the age-old historical linkages, culture and linguistic affinities of the people of the regions
» To promote the ‘Look East’ policy of the Govt. of India in the perspective of NE India with Southeast Asian countries
» To Promote and opening of more Border Trade points between North east India, Myanmar and Thailand.
» To Promote the advantages of setting up Industrial ventures in the North East with regards to its unique geo-political location and incentives offered by various state governments of North East India.
» To Promote North East India as a clean, green and an eco-friendly tourist destination for high-end as well as budget travellers.
» Also promote North East India, Myanmar and Thailand as Adventure Sports destinations.

1. Car Rally Participants & Delegates Registration Form (FORM - A)
2. Indemnity for Car Rally

For Further Contact:

Mr. Bijoy Phangcho
Working President

"Liaisons Office", Neerajkunj,
Saraswati Vihar, Near NRL Petrol Pump,
RGB Road, Guwahati-781005, Assam, India
Mobile: +91 94024 53782
Fax: +91 361 2200663

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